Scenario: you buy upgradable phone systems from your typical vendor and, in three years’ time, your needs change. For example, when you bought the system you were a small-time gig, but now, with the growth and arrival of a full-time sales staff, a queue for incoming calls is more and more necessary. Now, potential customers are hanging up either after spending a long time waiting, or encountering your voicemail. You need a queue and your phone system may or may not have this functionality. If it does, how can you be sure it will function the way you would like it to?

You may think, “I am in luck! I spent extra to get a system with every feature imaginable just so I would be ready for this growth!”

While this may be the case, there are some other factors to consider. New features are created all the time; that is exactly how vendors sell new phone systems. They almost expect that you will upgrade every 3-4 years for this exact reason.

The upgradable phone systems you buy every 4 years may have queue capabilities; however, since you did not review these features in exorbitant detail, nor know exactly what you’d want 3 years down the road, how can you be sure that they will work for your specific application? Was it worth it to pay more for a “future-proof” system that had all the features you thought you would need at the time? What about the time it took you to research these options?

The odds of this working out just like you want it are slim. The best solution is to get a system that is constantly updated (for free, of course), rather than oldschool upgradable phone systems. The best way to do this is to go with an MBX – Multi-Branch Exchange – phone service where features are maintained by your carrier (like SoundLine Communications) and not by you. That way, you get what you need – when you need it. You never need to worry about what features you may need in the future because your are guaranteed SoundLine will have them and can deploy the features to you without any added cost. Plus, don’t forget that you’re also losing the worries about choice of systems. With MBX, you just pay for the service and forget about selecting between different models of the outdated ‘upgradable phone systems’ concept. It’s that easy.