Barrett Adams

Barrett Adams

Cofounder & CEO

Barrett has a long history of working with businesses to find the best solutions. Now he spends more time working within the company to ensure that the SoundLine team always puts their best foot forward and gives the best service possible.

Michael Cramer

Cofounder & Chief Technology Officer

Michael has over 20 years of experience working with voice over IP communications and started one of Seattleā€™s original internet service providers. He enjoys creating new features as well as working with customers directly when his support team requires his expertise.

Casey Moore

Cofounder & Financial Officer

Casey possesses a masters degree in accounting from the University of Washington and is also a CPA. When he is not making financial decisions or working with customers he enjoys sailing throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Livia Veras

Operations Manager

Livia graduated from college in Brazil and now enjoys managing all things SoundLine. She oversees the porting department and handles all logistics. She is still adjusting to the Seattle weather but remains positive rain or shine.



The Dog

The Dog, or Bumzer as we like to call her, enjoys lounging around the SoundLine office. You can usually find her on any one of her TWO beds or wherever she can find a spot of sunlight to bask in or a desk to hide underneath.


Mark Young

Vice President of Sales

Mark understands the importance of reliable phone service and the value of customer service. Mark has owned three companies and his past positions include VP, CFO, and CEO. He has worked with many fortune 500 companies as well as new ventures.


Victor Halim

Software Engineer

Victor is passionate about building applications that makes life easier and more efficient. He is also an adrenaline junkie and would sum up his life in mostly 3 words: gadgets, sports, and automotive.


Tim Abbot

Strategic Alliance Manager

Tim uses his background in marketing and sales to help continually grow SoundLine. He ensures every customer gets what we promise: high quality, low rates, and personal customer service.


Jessica McKinnon

Client Relations Specialist

Jessica graduated from the University of Washington in 2002 and since then has worked extensively in marketing and real estate, with an emphasis in providing superior customer service to her clients.