ip-pbx cost

How much is this service change going to cost?

Many IP-PBX vendors prey on their client’s desire for low monthly pricing by recommending low-cost SIP trunks to offset the installation of your new IP-PBX. The average IP-PBX cost for installation of a six phone system is around $5800, with a monthly cost of $90 for six phone lines and six phones. Our MBX cost for the same needs is around $1200 for installation with a monthly cost of $165. The IP-PBX vendor will make their sale based on the fact that in 3 years, you will start to save $75 a month. This logic is flawed, and here is why: after 3 years, your needs will probably have changed. (See our post about this!) You may have outgrown your system, or there may be new features on the market that your company would like to be able to take full advantage of. But, since you already bought and consequently own your IP-PBX, you will need to buy an entirely new system. Also during that 3 year period, you will probably need service or will to make updates – these will cost you each time. Let’s just assume you need to spend an additional $300 per year on service from your vendor (this is actually average, if not slightly under). This extends your break even period by an additional 4 months every year. SoundLine MBX also provides forwarding lines for only $5, where with an IP-PBX you would need two full-price trunks for every call that is forwarded. With an MBX service, you can make unlimited configuration changes free of charge, and MBX systems are constantly updated to ensure you always have the latest features. MBX systems also allow for unlimited scalability, meaning that no matter how large your company gets, you will never need to start over.

Essentially: save the extra money on the installation to invest in other things (and saving time), and save money in the long run as well. The IP-PBX cost is just not as good as it may seem!