high definition phones with rotary interfaces

The whole world at your fingertips – but with a better interface than the rotary. We promise.

What’s the difference?

Just as high definition (HD) is the latest standard for televisions, it is rapidly becoming the standard for business telecommunications. High definition phones transmit twice as much audio signal a standard phone does and four times as much as a cell phone – smartphones included. The result comes through loud and ultra-clear – presenting vibrant and lifelike quality that needs to be heard to be believed.


What phone systems support HD?

Not all phones support high definition audio; however, most new phones from Aastra, Cisco, Polycom, snom, and Yealink do. The easiest thing to look for is “G.722” in a potential phone’s feature list. This codec is basically synonymous with high definition. Since not all phone systems currently being sold support carrying high definition audio, it is always best to ask your provider if they support G.722. Along those lines, while you may be purchasing HD phones, your phone service does not necessarily support advanced HD audio; the phones automatically transmit standard definition signals. Just like watching SD channels on your new HDTV. A waste, right?


What is the benefit of having high definition phones?

There are many benefits to operating in a high definition phone environment.
Let’s make a list.

  • It’s easier to understand folks with accents on the other line. HD audio restores 70% of the natural voice lost with standard phone systems’ extreme sound compression.
  • Your staff won’t have to repeat funky words that pretty much all sound the same over a standard definition phone call.
  • A $100 high definition phone w/speakerphone on an executive’s desk sounds better than a $500 non-HD phone. Period. Test it out! This makes quality speakerphone, conference call scenarios easily accessible on any budget.
  • Relieves employee (brain) fatigue on conference calls because people aren’t constantly trying to deduce what was just said.
  • Save money by recording your greetings and voicemail recordings directly into the phone and getting near-professional-quality results, without hiring any sound design crew. Use the clear quality to give people a sparkling impression of your business.


You’ll be surprised at the difference high definition phones make – just like your new 55″, but for your ears instead of your eyes.