Have you seen all the wires in your office’s “telecom” closet? A mess, right? A large (and ugly) box – your PBX – runs all of your phones. Nothing could be further from green phone systems: non IP-PBX phone systems run an average of 300 watts per every 8 phones per your location. Imagine if every business had one of these! That’s about an extra $250 worth of electricity per year, per business! Even more modern IP-PBX systems run at least 100 watts each, but the IP-phones themselves require power too. With an MBX service, you ONLY need to power the IP phones. You can run an 8 IP-Phone with the most power-hungry color screens for less than 55 watts total. So, when comparing green phone systems with traditional PBXes, you can save about 255 watts, and at least 100 watts over the newest IP-PBX phone systems.

100 watts may seem negligible offhand, but that equates to 808 lbs of carbon each year per IP-PBX phone system purchased in lieu of using an MBX ‘green phone systems’ service.

Now consider the cost and energy used to create each one of these disposable phone systems. Think about the amount of plastic and copper used to create each new system. Think about the cost of having it installed, the gas for service calls, and even the excess internet bandwidth used to connect remote workers. Then think of every business doing this when they could much more efficiently use the same MBX network’s server. Businesses can still have their own private extensions and operate the same style of system, just without the waste.

So, when buying your new phone system, take the environment into consideration. Don’t be greedy and require your own private system which doesn’t even make things any easier. Considering all the other benefits that come alongside being more environmentally aware, justifying the need for quickly-aging equipment stuffed into your closet sure becomes a difficult task. Go green and save yourself money: invest in green phone systems!