My name is Nate Stevens, and I’m a (relatively) new hire at SoundLine Communications – a business phone company. My role here is pretty varied, but primarily customer service oriented. I get to work every morning, and whatever any given customer throws at us (within my own realm of ability of course, otherwise, Michael gets in on the action) is what my job is for the day. I was hired on here as a purely customer service call-taker, but after I was exposed to the technology at play here, I drifted more towards programming and installation roles.

Working at a business phone company like SoundLine is exciting and fresh. And being new to the telephony gig makes things very interesting too. I get to learn a lot about how things are typically (historically) done from the other side of the fence. Working with our lovely Yealink and Aastra phones in-office and with current clients, then going on-site with Michael and doing my first PBX punchdown in a sweaty attic above a catering company in Bellevue was like an eyeful of history; weird, funky, foreign history. Our product seems [comparatively] sleek and futuristic and, frankly, simple. It’s the obvious future of telephony and we’re ahead of every other business phone company. In an industry full of small companies who don’t quite make it, and/or don’t quite do it right, and/or give the VoIP product a bad name, we are succeeding, and I think that’s really cool. Our customer testimonials speak to that.

A closeup view of my life at a business phone company

I plan to use this blog to talk about my experiences both in the office and out in the field. I’m going to talk about various customer issues and how we’ve helped them, and continue to help them. I’m going to talk about what makes sense to me and, sometimes, things that don’t as I learn about the industry. And yes, I’m going to talk about why you (yes, you) are a perfect fit for our services.