Simultaneous Ring

Description: Ring mobile phones and any number of desk phones at the same time Benefit: Answer at your desk or on the road from the same number

Mobile Phone Qualify™

Description: When taking calls on your mobile, we allow you to take the call – or to prevent your cellphone’s voicemail system from intercepting the call Benefits: Sends all voicemail to one place; allows you to differentiate between personal and business calls; does not interrupt simultaneous ring and agent blasts when call is answered by out-of-service or out-of-power mobile phones


Description: Allows for unlimited line bursting in a queue on our network Benefits: Never miss a call to voicemail even though all of your current lines are in use. Works with any existing system regardless of physical line limitations


Description: Blasts calls to an entire sales department at their desks and on their cellphones – send calls simultaneously or with a round-robin configurationBenefits: Equally disperse incoming sales leads automatically to the first agent who answers, or, in a specified order

Click To Call

Description: Click on numbers from any webpage or email client and be directly connected via your desk phone Benefits: Spend less time dialing and more time calling!

Find Me/Follow Me

Description: If you don’t answer at the office, calls automatically forward to your mobile phone and then go to MBX Mail™ or continue forwarding through a series of specified numbers Benefit: Always be available for clients emergencies no matter where you are or what number a party dials

Mobile Transferring

Description: Transfer calls taken on your mobile phone to any extension or number Benefit: Send calls back to the office or to a colleague without disconnecting the client from anywhere on the road

High-Definition Conferencing

Description: Use your lines to conference as many outside callers as you like with unlimited MBX Users™ Benefit: Highest audio quality on the market, interference free conversations, no 3rd party conferencing service required

Call Privacy

Description: Disallow others in the office from picking up your active line and set permissions on caller ID viewing Benefit: Keep calls private

Meet Me Room

Description: Use one central conference room for internal and external conferences Benefits: Don’t spend extra on 3rd party conference features and forget the clunky on phone conferencing options

Call Queues

Description: Callers enter a line to reach your next available receptionist Benefits: No more lost business from calls going to voicemail. Callers enjoy your music selections and/or your recorded messages. Let them know where they are in the queue with automated announcements.

Auto- Attendant

Description: Callers are greeted with a highly customized menu system that can route them directly to your receptionist, to your queue, or to various menu options Benefits: Less receptionist time giving out directions and answering frequently asked questions. Professional appearance. Weed out solicitors

Voicemail to Email

Description: Voicemails go directly to your email as an audio attachment and as text, in addition to your desk phone Benefits: Stop writing out important and potentially sensitive voicemail messages by hand – simply forward the email to intended recipient! Also, save time by viewing your voicemails visually.

Automatic Forwarding Schedules

Description: Automatically forwards calls to on call staff after hours Benefits: Never forget to enable forwarding again and become more efficient, and more consistent.

Call Recording & Tracking

Description: Automatically record calls based on specific rules and view call history and tracking for all of your numbers Benefits: Cancel your 3rd party tracking services and save! Easily handle quality control and assess marketing efforts.
Additional features on our voip phones include: Automated Call Distribution (ACD), Blacklists, Blind Transfer, Call Detail Records, Call Forward on Busy, Call Forward on No Answer, Call Forward Variable, Call Monitoring, Call Parking, Call Queuing, Call Recording, Call Retrieval, Call Snooping, Call Transfer, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, Caller ID on Call Waiting, Calling Cards, Database Store / Retrieve, Database Integration, Dial by Name, Distinctive Ring, Do Not Disturb, Fax to Email & Machine with Same Number, Find Me, Follow Me, Flexible Extension Logic, Hunt Groups, Hybrid Fax, Interactive Directory Listing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Local and Remote Call Agents, Macros, Music On Hold, Music On Transfer: – Flexible Mp3-based System – Random or Linear Play – Volume Control, Predictive Dialer, Open Settlement Protocol (OSP), Overhead Paging, Remote Call Pickup, Remote Office Support, Roaming Extensions, Route by Caller ID, SMS Messaging, Spell / Say, Supervised Transfer, Talk Detection, Text-to-Speech, Three-way Calling, and Zapateller. Voicemail-specific features: – Visual Indicator for Message Waiting – Stutter Dialtone for Message Waiting – Voicemail to Email – Voicemail Groups – Check Voicemail Remotely

If you don’t see a feature here that you need (or want), call us at 425-250-5555. We most likely can accommodate your request! We specialize in creating custom solutions and then streamlining them for the rest of our customers.