Advanced Business Continuity, or ABC, can drastically improve the reliability of your business and ensure that your customers can stay connected even when your equipment is not functioning properly or if your office becomes inaccessible. This could be due to many reasons such as:

  • Power Outage
  • Internet Outage
  • Hardware Failure
  • Natural Disasters
  • Fire

How does it work?

As soon as any of your equipment becomes unreachable, ABC technology instantly activates your failsafe mode depending on your businesses individual needs. Calls can be routed to a single backup number or can be sophisticatedly routed throughout your staff or to other locations. The goal is to keep the customer experience as close to normal as possible where in most situations, they should not even be able to tell the difference. This is works by:

  • Enabled transferring from any device where a call is routed by using the ‘#’ key and your existing extensions
  • Forwarding to entire departments simultaneously to ensure prompt answering
  • Using the same menus , voicemail greetings, and voicemail boxes
  • Sending voicemails to multiple users to ensure prompt responses