I am Barrett Adams, CEO of Soundline Communications. We pride ourselves on providing the best Cloud Phone System & Service for you and your business.

We are a local Seattle-based company founded on the principles of honesty, transparency & hard work. At Soundline, we know how important your phone lines are & how frustrating it is to deal with companies that offer such products that are overpriced, have limiting features, and binding service agreements.

Five years ago we set out to solve this very problem while ensuring that we lead the way with the best personal customer service and cutting edge technology. Our solution is simple, effective and can easily scale in the future. That way you can focus on what matters the most for you & your business.

People often ask me: Why are we rated higher than our competitors . . . Well, there are 4 main reasons.

1. We define “Personal”

  • a. We sit down with you to understand your goals & build a solution that is flexible for your needs. Our team manages all of this for you – at no cost.
  • b. When you call, you will  speak to your trusted account manager – Live. No waiting on the phone.
  • c. There is no need for any programming or portals for you to manage. You don’t have to program a thing, ever!

2. We provide the best audio quality

  • a. Other companies use technologies like jitter-buffer that degrades quality, but we work with your internet company and your network to ensure that there is no packet loss. That way you can rely on breakup and delay-free conversations.
  • b. Our network runs on the latest hi-definition standard that is the future of the communications industry. The calls are so clear, that you feel you are meeting, face to face.

3. We focus on keeping your business running, with or without your internet connection.

  • a. In the event you lose power or internet, our proprietary Advanced Business Continuity system automatically kicks in and begins forwarding calls to the appropriate cell phone or even group of cell phones while maintaining the ability to transfer calls using your existing office extensions. This means that the second anything happens, you will be ready and won’t miss a single dollar’s worth of business.

4. And finally, price & value

  • Other companies promise low pricing but with a ton of hidden costs with their per seat model or traditional phone systems. We have a unique pay for what you need pricing model. The savings will surprise you.
  • We support an array of features second to none in the industry. From unique features like “Call For Backup” to “Advanced Conference Room Management” – we have it all.

There is a reason why our customers stay with us. We will be your last phone company; ever!

Reach out to us and give us the opportunity to earn your business.